What does an Automotive Glas Installer and Repairer do?

Replace or repair broken windshields and window glass in motor vehicles.

Jobs Roles

  • Remove all dirt, foreign matter, and loose glass from damaged areas, apply primer along windshield or window edges, and allow primer to dry.
  • Allow all glass parts installed with urethane ample time to cure, taking temperature and humidity into account.
  • Obtain windshields or windows for specific automobile makes and models from stock and examine them for defects prior to installation.
  • Check for and remove moisture or contamination in damaged areas and keep areas dry until repairs are complete.
  • Apply a bead of urethane around the perimeter of each pinchweld and dress the remaining urethane on the pinchwelds so that it is of uniform level and thickness.
  • Select appropriate tools, safety equipment, and parts, according to job requirements.
  • Remove broken or damaged glass windshields or window glass from motor vehicles, using hand tools to remove screws from frames holding glass.
  • Replace all moldings, clips, windshield wipers, or other parts that were removed prior to glass replacement or repair.
  • Remove moldings, clips, windshield wipers, screws, bolts, and inside A-pillar moldings and lower headliners in preparation for installation or repair work.
  • Install, repair, or replace safety glass and related materials, such as back glass heating elements, on vehicles or equipment.
  • Install rubber channeling strips around edges of glass or frames to weatherproof windows or to prevent rattling.
  • Hold cut or uneven edges of glass against automated abrasive belts to shape or smooth edges.
  • Cut flat safety glass according to specified patterns or perform precision pattern making and glass cutting to custom fit replacement windows.
  • Replace or adjust motorized or manual window-raising mechanisms.
  • Install new foam dams on pinchwelds, if required.
  • Cool or warm glass in the event of temperature extremes.
  • Prime all scratches on pinchwelds with primer and allow to dry.
  • Install replacement glass in vehicles.
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