What does a Word Processor and Typist do?

Use word processor, computer or typewriter to type letters, reports, forms, or other material from rough draft, corrected copy, or voice recording. May perform other clerical duties as assigned.

Jobs Roles

  • Check completed work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format.
  • Perform other clerical duties such as answering telephone, sorting and distributing mail, running errands or sending faxes.
  • Gather, register, and arrange the material to be typed, following instructions.
  • Type correspondence, reports, text and other written material from rough drafts, corrected copies, voice recordings, dictation or previous versions, using a computer, word processor, or typewriter.
  • File and store completed documents on computer hard drive or disk, or maintain a computer filing system to store, retrieve, update and delete documents.
  • Print and make copies of work.
  • Keep records of work performed.
  • Compute and verify totals on report forms, requisitions, or bills, using adding machine or calculator.
  • Collate pages of reports and other documents prepared.
  • Electronically sort and compile text and numerical data, retrieving, updating, and merging documents as required.
  • Reformat documents, moving paragraphs or columns.
  • Search for specific sets of stored, typed characters to make changes.
  • Adjust settings for format, page layout, line spacing, and other style requirements.
  • Address envelopes or prepare envelope labels, using typewriter or computer.
  • Operate and resupply printers and computers, changing print wheels or fluid cartridges, adding paper, and loading blank tapes, cards, or disks into equipment.
  • Transmit work electronically to other locations.
  • Work with technical material, preparing statistical reports, planning and typing statistical tables, and combining and rearranging material from different sources.
  • Use data entry devices, such as optical scanners, to input data into computers for revision or editing.
  • Transcribe stenotyped notes of court proceedings.
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