What does a Tire Builder do?

Operate machines to build tires.

Jobs Roles

  • Depress pedals to rotate drums, and wind specified numbers of plies around drums to form tire bodies.
  • Start rollers that bond tread and plies as drums revolve.
  • Activate bead setters that press prefabricated beads onto plies.
  • Inspect worn tires for faults, cracks, cuts and nail holes, and to determine if tires are suitable for retreading.
  • Cut plies at splice points, and press ends together to form continuous bands.
  • Align treads with guides, start drums to wind treads onto plies, and slice ends.
  • Position rollers that turn ply edges under and over beads, or use steel rods to turn ply edges.
  • Position ply stitcher rollers and drums according to width of stock, using hand tools and gauges.
  • Build semi-raw rubber treads onto buffed tire casings to prepare tires for vulcanization in recapping or retreading processes.
  • Wind chafers and breakers onto plies.
  • Pull plies from supply racks, and align plies with edges of drums.
  • Roll camelbacks onto casings by hand, and cut camelbacks, using knives.
  • Clean and paint completed tires.
  • Fit inner tubes and final layers of rubber onto tires.
  • Rub cement sticks on drum edges to provide adhesive surfaces for plies.
  • Fill cuts and holes in tires, using hot rubber.
  • Brush or spray solvents onto plies to ensure adhesion, and repeat process as specified, alternating direction of each ply to strengthen tires.
  • Roll hand rollers over rebuilt casings, exerting pressure to ensure adhesion between camelbacks and casings.
  • Measure tires to determine mold size requirements.
  • Depress pedals to collapse drums after processing is complete.
  • Trim excess rubber and imperfections during retreading processes.
  • Place tires into molds for new tread.
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