What does a Technical Directors/Manager do?

Coordinate activities of technical departments, such as taping, editing, engineering, and maintenance, to produce radio or television programs.

Jobs Roles

  • Direct technical aspects of newscasts and other productions, checking and switching between video sources and taking responsibility for the on-air product, including camera shots and graphics.
  • Test equipment to ensure proper operation.
  • Monitor broadcasts to ensure that programs conform to station or network policies and regulations.
  • Observe pictures through monitors and direct camera and video staff concerning shading and composition.
  • Act as liaisons between engineering and production departments.
  • Supervise and assign duties to workers engaged in technical control and production of radio and television programs.
  • Schedule use of studio and editing facilities for producers and engineering and maintenance staff.
  • Confer with operations directors to formulate and maintain fair and attainable technical policies for programs.
  • Operate equipment to produce programs or broadcast live programs from remote locations.
  • Train workers in use of equipment, such as switchers, cameras, monitors, microphones, and lights.
  • Switch between video sources in a studio or on multi-camera remotes, using equipment such as switchers, video slide projectors, and video effects generators.
  • Set up and execute video transitions and special effects, such as fades, dissolves, cuts, keys, and supers, using computers to manipulate pictures as necessary.
  • Collaborate with promotions directors to produce on-air station promotions.
  • Discuss filter options, lens choices, and the visual effects of objects being filmed with photography directors and video operators.
  • Follow instructions from production managers and directors during productions, such as commands for camera cuts, effects, graphics, and takes.
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