What does a Surveying Technician do?

Adjust and operate surveying instruments, such as the theodolite and electronic distance-measuring equipment, and compile notes, make sketches and enter data into computers.

Jobs Roles

  • Adjust and operate surveying instruments such as prisms, theodolites, and electronic distance-measuring equipment.
  • Compile information necessary to stake projects for construction, using engineering plans.
  • Run rods for benches and cross-section elevations.
  • Position and hold the vertical rods, or targets, that theodolite operators use for sighting to measure angles, distances, and elevations.
  • Record survey measurements and descriptive data using notes, drawings, sketches, and inked tracings.
  • Perform calculations to determine earth curvature corrections, atmospheric impacts on measurements, traverse closures and adjustments, azimuths, level runs, and placement of markers.
  • Conduct surveys to ascertain the locations of natural features and man-made structures on the Earth's surface, underground, and underwater using electronic distance-measuring equipment and other surveying instruments.
  • Search for section corners, property irons, and survey points.
  • Operate and manage land-information computer systems, performing tasks such as storing data, making inquiries, and producing plots and reports.
  • Direct and supervise work of subordinate members of surveying parties.
  • Set out and recover stakes, marks, and other monumentation.
  • Lay out grids, and determine horizontal and vertical controls.
  • Compare survey computations with applicable standards to determine adequacy of data.
  • Collect information needed to carry out new surveys using source maps, previous survey data, photographs, computer records, and other relevant information.
  • Prepare topographic and contour maps of land surveyed, including site features and other relevant information such as charts, drawings, and survey notes.
  • Maintain equipment and vehicles used by surveying crews.
  • Place and hold measuring tapes when electronic distance-measuring equipment is not used.
  • Provide assistance in the development of methods and procedures for conducting field surveys.
  • Perform manual labor, such as cutting brush for lines, carrying stakes, rebar, and other heavy items, and stacking rods.
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