What does a Sewer, Hand do?

Sew, join, reinforce, or finish, usually with needle and thread, a variety of manufactured items. Includes weavers and stitchers.

Jobs Roles

  • Sew, join, reinforce, or finish parts of articles, such as garments, books, mattresses, toys, and wigs, using needles and thread or other materials.
  • Trim excess threads or edges of parts, using scissors or knives.
  • Select thread, twine, cord, or yarn to be used, and thread needles.
  • Draw and cut patterns according to specifications.
  • Fold, twist, stretch, or drape material, and secure articles in preparation for sewing.
  • Smooth seams with heated irons, flat bones, or rubbing sticks.
  • Measure and align parts, fasteners, or trimmings, following seams, edges, or markings on parts.
  • Use different sewing techniques such as felling, tacking, basting, embroidery, and fagoting.
  • Sew buttonholes, or add lace or other trimming.
  • Wax thread by drawing it through a ball of wax.
  • Tie, knit, weave or knot ribbon, yarn, or decorative materials.
  • Soften leather or shoe material with water to prepare it for sewing.
  • Attach trimmings and labels to articles with cement, using brushes or cement guns.
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