What does a Service Unit Operator, Oil, Ga, and Mining do?

Operate equipment to increase oil flow from producing wells or to remove stuck pipe, casing, tools, or other obstructions from drilling wells. May also perform similar services in mining exploration operations. Includes fishing-tool technicians.

Jobs Roles

  • Confer with others to gather information regarding pipe or tool sizes or borehole conditions in wells.
  • Drive truck-mounted units to well sites.
  • Install pressure-control devices onto wellheads.
  • Thread cables through derrick pulleys, using hand tools.
  • Operate pumps that circulate water, oil, or other fluids through wells to remove sand or other materials obstructing the free flow of oil.
  • Close and seal wells no longer in use.
  • Operate controls that raise derricks or level rigs.
  • Direct drilling crews performing activities such as assembling and connecting pipe, applying weights to drill pipes, or drilling around lodged obstacles.
  • Perforate well casings or sidewalls of boreholes with explosive charges.
  • Prepare reports of services rendered, tools used, or time required, for billing purposes.
  • Operate specialized equipment to remove obstructions by backing-off or severing pipes by chemical or explosive action.
  • Select fishing methods or tools for removing obstacles such as liners, broken casing, screens, or drill pipe.
  • Examine unserviceable wells to determine actions to be taken to improve well conditions.
  • Insert detection instruments into wells with obstructions.
  • Interpret instrument readings to ascertain the depth of obstruction.
  • Monitor sound wave generating or detecting mechanisms to determine well fluid levels.
  • Apply green technologies or techniques such as the use of coiled tubing, slim-hole drilling, horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, or gas lift systems.
  • Maintain and perform safety inspections on equipment and tools.
  • Listen to engines, rotary chains, or other equipment to detect faulty operations or unusual well conditions.
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