What does a Rock Splitter, Quarry do?

Separate blocks of rough dimension stone from quarry mass using jackhammer and wedges.

Jobs Roles

  • Locate grain line patterns to determine how rocks will split when cut.
  • Remove pieces of stone from larger masses, using jackhammers, wedges, and other tools.
  • Insert wedges and feathers into holes, and drive wedges with sledgehammers to split stone sections from masses.
  • Mark dimensions or outlines on stone prior to cutting, using rules and chalk lines.
  • Cut slabs of stone into sheets that will be used for floors or counters.
  • Set charges of explosives to split rock.
  • Drill holes along outlines, using jackhammers.
  • Drill holes into sides of stones broken from masses, insert dogs or attach slings, and direct removal of stones.
  • Cut grooves along outlines, using chisels.
Assistant Store Manager-The Quarry at Clicks in Durban 6 days ago
Restaurant Manager - / Salt Rock - R20,000 - R25,000 at HotelJobs.co.za in Durban 6 days ago
Senior Manager - / Salt Rock - R15,000 - R18,000 Nett at HotelJobs.co.za in Durban 1 week ago
Rock Engineer (Coal)_PSH RE at ConinghamLee and Associates Ltd in KwaZulu-Natal 1 week ago
Senior Restaurant Manager - / Salt Rock - R18,000 - R20,000 at HotelJobs.co.za in Durban 1 week ago
Rock Engineering Superintendent (Coal ) at ConinghamLee and Associates Ltd in KwaZulu-Natal 2 weeks ago
Rock Engineering Superintendent (Coal) in Mpumalanga 2 weeks ago
Part Time Staff Member for Petland Salt Rock at Gumtree.co.za in Dolphin Coast 2 weeks ago
Rock engineering superintendent coal at Coningham Lee in Other 2 weeks ago
Rock Engineer Senior at ConinghamLee and Associates in Kathu 2 weeks ago