What does a Robotic Technician do?

Build, install, test, or maintain robotic equipment or related automated production systems.

Jobs Roles

  • Train customers or other personnel to install, use, or maintain robots.
  • Program complex robotic systems, such as vision systems.
  • Maintain inventories of production supplies such as sensors and cables.
  • Maintain service records of robotic equipment or automated production systems.
  • Fabricate housings, jigs, fittings, or fixtures, using metalworking machines.
  • Document robotics test procedures and results.
  • Develop three-dimensional simulations of automation systems.
  • Inspect installation sites.
  • Modify computer-controlled robot movements.
  • Develop robotic path motions to maximize efficiency, safety, and quality.
  • Attach wires between controllers.
  • Assist engineers in the design, configuration, or application of robotic systems.
  • Align, fit, or assemble component parts using hand tools, power tools, fixtures, templates, or microscopes.
  • Troubleshoot robotic systems, using knowledge of microprocessors, programmable controllers, electronics, circuit analysis, mechanics, sensor or feedback systems, hydraulics, or pneumatics.
  • Train robots, using artificial intelligence software or interactive training techniques, to perform simple or complex tasks, such as designing and carrying out a series of iterative tests of chemical samples.
  • Test performance of robotic assemblies, using instruments such as oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters, or bridges.
  • Perform preventive or corrective maintenance on robotic systems or components.
  • Install, program, or repair programmable controllers, robot controllers, end-of-arm tools, or conveyors.
  • Install new robotic systems in stationary positions or on tracks.
  • Disassemble and reassemble robots or peripheral equipment to make repairs such as replacement of defective circuit boards, sensors, controllers, encoders, and servomotors.
  • Build or assemble robotic devices or systems.
  • Evaluate the efficiency and reliability of industrial robotic systems, reprogramming or calibrating to achieve maximum quantity and quality.
  • Operate robots to perform customized tasks, such as environmental cleanup or explosive detection operations.
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