What does a Range Manager do?

Research or study range land management practices to provide sustained production of forage, livestock, and wildlife.

Jobs Roles

  • Regulate grazing, and help ranchers plan and organize grazing systems in order to manage, improve and protect rangelands and maximize their use.
  • Measure and assess vegetation resources for biological assessment companies, environmental impact statements, and rangeland monitoring programs.
  • Maintain soil stability and vegetation for non-grazing uses, such as wildlife habitats and outdoor recreation.
  • Mediate agreements among rangeland users and preservationists as to appropriate land use and management.
  • Manage forage resources through fire, herbicide use, or revegetation to maintain a sustainable yield from the land.
  • Study rangeland management practices and research range problems to provide sustained production of forage, livestock, and wildlife.
  • Offer advice to rangeland users on water management, forage production methods, and control of brush.
  • Plan and direct construction and maintenance of range improvements such as fencing, corrals, stock-watering reservoirs and soil-erosion control structures.
  • Tailor conservation plans to landowners' goals, such as livestock support, wildlife, or recreation.
  • Develop technical standards and specifications used to manage, protect and improve the natural resources of range lands and related grazing lands.
  • Study grazing patterns to determine number and kind of livestock that can be most profitably grazed and to determine the best grazing seasons.
  • Plan and implement revegetation of disturbed sites.
  • Study forage plants and their growth requirements to determine varieties best suited to particular range.
  • Develop methods for protecting range from fire and rodent damage and for controlling poisonous plants.
  • Manage private livestock operations.
  • Develop new and improved instruments and techniques for activities such as range reseeding.
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