What does a Poet, Lyricist and Creative Writer do?

Create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance.

Jobs Roles

  • Revise written material to meet personal standards and to satisfy needs of clients, publishers, directors, or producers.
  • Choose subject matter and suitable form to express personal feelings and experiences or ideas, or to narrate stories or events.
  • Plan project arrangements or outlines, and organize material accordingly.
  • Prepare works in appropriate format for publication, and send them to publishers or producers.
  • Follow appropriate procedures to get copyrights for completed work.
  • Write fiction or nonfiction prose such as short stories, novels, biographies, articles, descriptive or critical analyses, and essays.
  • Develop factors such as themes, plots, characterizations, psychological analyses, historical environments, action, and dialogue, to create material.
  • Confer with clients, editors, publishers, or producers to discuss changes or revisions to written material.
  • Conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail, using sources such as newspaper accounts, diaries, and interviews.
  • Write narrative, dramatic, lyric, or other types of poetry for publication.
  • Attend book launches and publicity events, or conduct public readings.
  • Write words to fit musical compositions, including lyrics for operas, musical plays, and choral works.
  • Adapt text to accommodate musical requirements of composers and singers.
  • Teach writing classes.
  • Write humorous material for publication, or for performances such as comedy routines, gags, and comedy shows.
  • Collaborate with other writers on specific projects.
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