What does a Nuclear Monitoring Technician do?

Collect and test samples to monitor results of nuclear experiments and contamination of humans, facilities, and environment.

Jobs Roles

  • Calculate safe radiation exposure times for personnel using plant contamination readings and prescribed safe levels of radiation.
  • Provide initial response to abnormal events or to alarms from radiation monitoring equipment.
  • Monitor personnel to determine the amounts and intensities of radiation exposure.
  • Inform supervisors when individual exposures or area radiation levels approach maximum permissible limits.
  • Instruct personnel in radiation safety procedures and demonstrate use of protective clothing and equipment.
  • Determine intensities and types of radiation in work areas, equipment, or materials, using radiation detectors or other instruments.
  • Collect samples of air, water, gases, or solids to determine radioactivity levels of contamination.
  • Set up equipment that automatically detects area radiation deviations and test detection equipment to ensure its accuracy.
  • Determine or recommend radioactive decontamination procedures, according to the size and nature of equipment and the degree of contamination.
  • Decontaminate objects by cleaning with soap or solvents or by abrading with wire brushes, buffing wheels, or sandblasting machines.
  • Calibrate and maintain chemical instrumentation sensing elements and sampling system equipment, using calibration instruments and hand tools.
  • Enter data into computers to record characteristics of nuclear events or to locate coordinates of particles.
  • Operate manipulators from outside cells to move specimens into or out of shielded containers, to remove specimens from cells, or to place specimens on benches or equipment work stations.
  • Prepare reports describing contamination tests, material or equipment decontaminated, or methods used in decontamination processes.
  • Confer with scientists directing projects to determine significant events to monitor during tests.
  • Immerse samples in chemical compounds to prepare them for testing.
  • Brief workers on radiation levels in work areas.
  • Analyze samples, such as air or water samples, for contaminants or other elements.
  • Place radioactive waste, such as sweepings or broken sample bottles, into containers for shipping or disposal.
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