What does a Nuclear Equipment Operation Technician do?

Operate equipment used for the release, control, or utilization of nuclear energy to assist scientists in laboratory or production activities.

Jobs Roles

  • Follow policies and procedures for radiation workers to ensure personnel safety.
  • Modify, devise, and maintain equipment used in operations.
  • Set control panel switches, according to standard procedures, to route electric power from sources and direct particle beams through injector units.
  • Submit computations to supervisors for review.
  • Calculate equipment operating factors, such as radiation times, dosages, temperatures, gamma intensities, or pressures, using standard formulas and conversion tables.
  • Perform testing, maintenance, repair, or upgrading of accelerator systems.
  • Warn maintenance workers of radiation hazards and direct workers to vacate hazardous areas.
  • Monitor instruments, gauges, and recording devices in control rooms during operation of equipment, under direction of nuclear experimenters.
  • Adjust controls of equipment to control particle beam movement, pulse rates, energy or intensity, or radiation, according to specifications.
  • Communicate with accelerator maintenance personnel to ensure readiness of support systems, such as vacuum, water cooling, or radio frequency power sources.
  • Collect air, water, gas or solid samples for testing to determine radioactivity levels or to ensure appropriate radioactive containment.
  • Decontaminate objects by cleaning them using soap or solvents or by abrading using brushes, buffing machines, or sandblasting machines.
  • Follow nuclear equipment operational policies and procedures that ensure environmental safety.
  • Identify and implement appropriate decontamination procedures, based on equipment and the size, nature, and type of contamination.
  • Measure the intensity and identify the types of radiation in work areas, equipment, or materials, using radiation detectors or other instruments.
  • Monitor nuclear reactor equipment performance to identify operational inefficiencies, hazards, or needs for maintenance or repair.
  • Prepare reports to communicate information such as contamination test results, decontamination results, or decontamination procedures.
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