What does a Methane/Landfill Ga Generation System Technician do?

Monitor, operate, and maintain landfill gas collection system components and environmental monitoring and control systems.

Jobs Roles

  • Operate landfill gas, methane, or natural gas fueled electrical generation systems.
  • Perform routine maintenance or minor repairs to landfill gas collection and power generation systems, including equipment such as pneumatic pumps, blower or flare systems, and condensate management systems.
  • Balance individual gas extraction wells at landfill gas facilities.
  • Diagnose or troubleshoot problems with methane or landfill gas collection systems.
  • Download landfill gas well field monitoring data.
  • Measure landfill gas vegetative covering, installing additional covering as required.
  • Measure liquid levels in landfill gas extraction wells.
  • Monitor landfill well fields periodically to ensure proper functioning and performance.
  • Prepare and submit compliance, operational, and safety forms or reports.
  • Read, interpret, and adjust monitoring equipment, such as flow meters and pressure or vacuum gauges.
  • Record and maintain log of well-head gauge pressure readings.
  • Verify that well field monitoring data conforms to applicable regulations.
  • Analyze the layout, instrumentation, or function of electrical generation or transmission facilities.
  • Monitor landfill gas perimeter probes to identify landfill gas migration.
  • Perform landfill surface scans to determine overall effectiveness of the landfill gas site.
  • Repair or replace landfill gas piping.
  • Trace electrical circuitry for landfill gas buildings to ensure compliance of electrical systems with applicable codes or laws.
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