What does a Locker Room, Coatroom, and Dressing Room Attendant do?

Provide personal items to patrons or customers in locker rooms, dressing rooms, or coatrooms.

Jobs Roles

  • Assign dressing room facilities, locker space, or clothing containers to patrons of athletic or bathing establishments.
  • Answer customer inquiries or explain cost, availability, policies, and procedures of facilities.
  • Check supplies to ensure adequate availability, and order new supplies when necessary.
  • Refer guest problems or complaints to supervisors.
  • Clean and polish footwear, using brushes, sponges, cleaning fluid, polishes, waxes, liquid or sole dressing, and daubers.
  • Report and document safety hazards, potentially hazardous conditions, and unsafe practices and procedures.
  • Operate washing machines and dryers to clean soiled apparel and towels.
  • Monitor patrons' facility use to ensure that rules and regulations are followed, and safety and order are maintained.
  • Procure beverages, food, and other items as requested.
  • Activate emergency action plans and administer first aid, as necessary.
  • Store personal possessions for patrons, issue claim checks for articles stored, and return articles on receipt of checks.
  • Provide towels and sheets to clients in public baths, steam rooms, and restrooms.
  • Collect soiled linen or clothing for laundering.
  • Operate controls that regulate temperatures or room environments.
  • Attend to needs of athletic teams in clubhouses.
  • Provide assistance to patrons by performing duties such as opening doors and carrying bags.
  • Stencil identifying information on equipment.
  • Maintain inventories of clothing or uniforms, accessories, equipment, or linens.
  • Issue gym clothes, uniforms, towels, athletic equipment, and special athletic apparel.
  • Maintain a lost-and-found collection.
  • Set up various apparatus or athletic equipment.
  • Provide or arrange for services such as clothes pressing, cleaning, and repair.
  • Clean facilities such as floors and locker rooms.
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