What does a Layout Worker, Metal and Plastic do?

Lay out reference points and dimensions on metal or plastic stock or workpieces, such as sheets, plates, tubes, structural shapes, castings, or machine parts, for further processing. Includes shipfitters.

Jobs Roles

  • Fit and align fabricated parts to be welded or assembled.
  • Plan and develop layouts from blueprints and templates, applying knowledge of trigonometry, design, effects of heat, and properties of metals.
  • Lay out and fabricate metal structural parts such as plates, bulkheads, and frames.
  • Mark curves, lines, holes, dimensions, and welding symbols onto workpieces, using scribes, soapstones, punches, and hand drills.
  • Compute layout dimensions, and determine and mark reference points on metal stock or workpieces for further processing, such as welding and assembly.
  • Locate center lines and verify template positions, using measuring instruments such as gauge blocks, height gauges, and dial indicators.
  • Lift and position workpieces in relation to surface plates, manually or with hoists, and using parallel blocks and angle plates.
  • Plan locations and sequences of cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, punching, and welding operations, using compasses, protractors, dividers, and rules.
  • Inspect machined parts to verify conformance to specifications.
  • Design and prepare templates of wood, paper, or metal.
  • Brace parts in position within hulls or ships for riveting or welding.
  • Add dimensional details to blueprints or drawings made by other workers.
  • Install doors, hatches, brackets, and clips.
  • Apply pigment to layout surfaces, using paint brushes.
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