What does a Helpers--Brickmason, Blockmason, Stonemason, and Tile and Marble Setter do?

Help brickmasons, blockmasons, stonemasons, or tile and marble setters by performing duties requiring less skill. Duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.

Jobs Roles

  • Cut materials to specified sizes for installation, using power saws or tile cutters.
  • Erect scaffolding or other installation structures.
  • Locate and supply materials to masons for installation, following drawings or numbered sequences.
  • Mix mortar, plaster, and grout, manually or using machines, according to standard formulas.
  • Apply grout between joints of bricks or tiles, using grouting trowels.
  • Correct surface imperfections or fill chipped, cracked, or broken bricks or tiles, using fillers, adhesives, or grouting materials.
  • Modify material moving, mixing, grouting, grinding, polishing, or cleaning procedures, according to installation or material requirements.
  • Provide assistance in the preparation, installation, repair, or rebuilding of tile, brick, or stone surfaces.
  • Clean installation surfaces, equipment, tools, work sites, or storage areas, using water, chemical solutions, oxygen lances, or polishing machines.
  • Transport materials, tools, or machines to installation sites, manually or using conveyance equipment.
  • Move or position materials such as marble slabs, using cranes, hoists, or dollies.
  • Remove excess grout or residue from tile or brick joints, using sponges or trowels.
  • Remove damaged tile, brick, or mortar, and clean or prepare surfaces, using pliers, hammers, chisels, drills, wire brushes, or metal wire anchors.
  • Arrange or store materials, machines, tools, or equipment.
  • Apply caulk, sealants, or other agents to installed surfaces.
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