What does a Geophysical Datum Technician do?

Measure, record, or evaluate geological data, using sonic, electronic, electrical, seismic, or gravity-measuring instruments to prospect for oil or gas. May collect or evaluate core samples or cuttings.

Jobs Roles

  • Prepare notes, sketches, geological maps, or cross-sections.
  • Read and study reports in order to compile information and data for geological and geophysical prospecting.
  • Interview individuals, and research public databases in order to obtain information.
  • Assemble, maintain, or distribute information for library or record systems.
  • Operate or adjust equipment or apparatus used to obtain geological data.
  • Plan and direct activities of workers who operate equipment to collect data.
  • Set up or direct set-up of instruments used to collect geological data.
  • Record readings in order to compile data used in prospecting for oil or gas.
  • Supervise oil, water, or gas well-drilling activities.
  • Collect samples or cuttings, using equipment or hand tools.
  • Create photographic recordings of information, using equipment.
  • Measure geological characteristics used in prospecting for oil or gas, using measuring instruments.
  • Evaluate and interpret core samples and cuttings, and other geological data used in prospecting for oil or gas.
  • Diagnose or repair malfunctioning instruments or equipment, using manufacturers' manuals and hand tools.
  • Prepare and attach packing instructions to shipping containers.
  • Develop and design packing materials and handling procedures for shipping of objects.
  • Apply new technologies, such as improved seismic imaging techniques, to locate untapped oil or natural gas deposits.
  • Collect data on underground areas, such as reservoirs, that could be used in carbon sequestration operations.
  • Collect geological data from potential geothermal energy plant sites.
  • Compile data used to address environmental issues, such as the suitability of potential landfill sites.
  • Conduct geophysical surveys of potential sites for wind farms or solar installations to determine their suitability.
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