What does a Geological Sample Test Technician do?

Test or analyze geological samples, crude oil, or minerals to detect presence of petroleum, gas, or mineral deposits indicating potential for exploration or production or to determine physical or chemical properties to ensure that products meet quality standards.

Jobs Roles

  • Test and analyze samples to determine their content and characteristics, using laboratory apparatus or testing equipment.
  • Collect or prepare solid or fluid samples for analysis.
  • Adjust or repair testing, electrical, or mechanical equipment or devices.
  • Supervise well exploration, drilling activities, or well completions.
  • Inspect engines for wear or defective parts, using equipment or measuring devices.
  • Prepare notes, sketches, geological maps, or cross sections.
  • Participate in geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrographic, or oceanographic surveys, prospecting field trips, exploratory drilling, well logging, or underground mine survey programs.
  • Plot information from aerial photographs, well logs, section descriptions, or other databases.
  • Assess the environmental impacts of development projects on subsurface materials.
  • Collaborate with hydrogeologists to evaluate groundwater or well circulation.
  • Prepare, transcribe, or analyze seismic, gravimetric, well log, or other geophysical or survey data.
  • Participate in the evaluation of possible mining locations.
  • Participate in the evaluation of possible geothermal energy plant locations.
  • Test and analyze samples from potential underground carbon sequestration sites.
  • Compile, log, or record testing or operational data for review and further analysis.
  • Assemble, operate, or maintain field or laboratory testing, measuring, or mechanical equipment.
  • Prepare or review professional, technical, or other reports regarding sampling, testing, or recommendations of data analysis.
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