What does a Gaming Manager do?

Plan, direct, or coordinate gaming operations in a casino. May formulate house rules.

Jobs Roles

  • Resolve customer complaints regarding problems such as payout errors.
  • Remove suspected cheaters, such as card counters or other players who may have systems that shift the odds of winning to their favor.
  • Maintain familiarity with all games used at a facility, as well as strategies or tricks employed in those games.
  • Train new workers or evaluate their performance.
  • Circulate among gaming tables to ensure that operations are conducted properly, that dealers follow house rules, or that players are not cheating.
  • Explain and interpret house rules, such as game rules or betting limits.
  • Monitor staffing levels to ensure that games and tables are adequately staffed for each shift, arranging for staff rotations and breaks and locating substitute employees as necessary.
  • Interview and hire workers.
  • Prepare work schedules and station arrangements and keep attendance records.
  • Direct the distribution of complimentary hotel rooms, meals, or other discounts or free items given to players, based on their length of play and betting totals.
  • Establish policies on issues such as the type of gambling offered and the odds, the extension of credit, or the serving of food and beverages.
  • Track supplies of money to tables and perform any required paperwork.
  • Set and maintain a bank and table limit for each game.
  • Monitor credit extended to players.
  • Review operational expenses, budget estimates, betting accounts, or collection reports for accuracy.
  • Record, collect, or pay off bets, issuing receipts as necessary.
  • Direct the compilation of summary sheets that show wager amounts and payoffs for races or events.
  • Notify board attendants of table vacancies so that waiting patrons can play.
  • Market or promote the casino to bring in business.
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