What does a Gaming and Sport Book Writer and Runner do?

Post information enabling patrons to wager on various races and sporting events. Assist in the operation of games such as keno and bingo. May operate random number generating equipment and announce the numbers for patrons. Receive, verify, and record patrons' wagers. Scan and process winning tickets presented by patrons and payout winnings for those wagers.

Jobs Roles

  • Collect bets in the form of cash or chips, verifying and recording amounts.
  • Collect cards or tickets from players.
  • Answer questions about game rules or casino policies.
  • Compare the house hand with players' hands to determine the winner.
  • Check to ensure that all players have placed their bets before play begins.
  • Conduct gambling tables or games, such as dice, roulette, cards, or keno, and ensure that game rules are followed.
  • Prepare collection reports for submission to supervisors.
  • Pay off or move bets as established by game rules and procedures.
  • Inspect cards or equipment to be used in games to ensure they are in proper condition.
  • Exchange paper currency for playing chips or coins.
  • Open or close cash floats or game tables.
  • Start gaming equipment that randomly selects numbered balls and announce winning numbers and colors.
  • Record the number of tickets cashed and the amount paid out after each race or event.
  • Operate games in which players bet that a ball will come to rest in a particular slot on a rotating wheel, performing actions such as spinning the wheel and releasing the ball.
  • Supervise staff and games and mediate disputes.
  • Push dice to shooters and retrieve thrown dice.
  • Deliver tickets, cards, and money to bingo callers.
  • Participate in games for gambling establishments to provide the minimum complement of players at a table.
  • Take the house percentage from each pot.
  • Sell food, beverages, or tobacco to players.
  • Seat patrons at gaming tables.
  • Compute and verify amounts won or lost, paying out winnings or referring patrons to workers, such as gaming cashiers, so that winnings can be collected.
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