What does a Furnace, Kiln, Oven, Drier, and Kettle Operator and Tender do?

Operate or tend heating equipment other than basic metal, plastic, or food processing equipment. Includes activities, such as annealing glass, drying lumber, curing rubber, removing moisture from materials, or boiling soap.

Jobs Roles

  • Weigh or measure specified amounts of ingredients or materials for processing, using devices such as scales and calipers.
  • Press and adjust controls to activate, set, and regulate equipment according to specifications.
  • Monitor equipment operation, gauges, and panel lights to detect deviations from standards.
  • Read and interpret work orders and instructions to determine work assignments, process specifications, and production schedules.
  • Record gauge readings, test results, and shift production in log books.
  • Confer with supervisors or other equipment operators to report equipment malfunctions or to resolve production problems.
  • Examine or test samples of processed substances, or collect samples for laboratory testing, to ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Clean, lubricate, and adjust equipment, using scrapers, solvents, air hoses, oil, and hand tools.
  • Transport materials and products to and from work areas, manually or using carts, handtrucks, or hoists.
  • Stop equipment and clear blockages or jams, using fingers, wire, or hand tools.
  • Remove products from equipment, manually or using hoists, and prepare them for storage, shipment, or additional processing.
  • Calculate amounts of materials to be loaded into furnaces, adjusting amounts as necessary for specific conditions.
  • Feed fuel, such as coal and coke, into fireboxes or onto conveyors, and remove ashes from furnaces, using shovels and buckets.
  • Melt or refine metal before casting, calculating required temperatures, and observe metal color, adjusting controls as necessary to maintain required temperatures.
  • Replace worn or defective equipment parts, using hand tools.
  • Load equipment receptacles or conveyors with material to be processed, by hand or using hoists.
  • Sprinkle chemicals on the surface of molten metal to bring impurities to surface and remove impurities, using strainers.
  • Direct crane operators and crew members to load vessels with materials to be processed.
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