What does a Food Server, Nonrestaurant do?

Serve food to individuals outside of a restaurant environment, such as in hotel rooms, hospital rooms, residential care facilities, or cars.

Jobs Roles

  • Monitor food distribution, ensuring that meals are delivered to the correct recipients and that guidelines, such as those for special diets, are followed.
  • Clean or sterilize dishes, kitchen utensils, equipment, or facilities.
  • Examine trays to ensure that they contain required items.
  • Place food servings on plates or trays according to orders or instructions.
  • Load trays with accessories such as eating utensils, napkins, or condiments.
  • Take food orders and relay orders to kitchens or serving counters so they can be filled.
  • Stock service stations with items such as ice, napkins, or straws.
  • Remove trays and stack dishes for return to kitchen after meals are finished.
  • Prepare food items, such as sandwiches, salads, soups, or beverages.
  • Monitor food preparation or serving techniques to ensure that proper procedures are followed.
  • Carry food, silverware, or linen on trays or use carts to carry trays.
  • Determine where patients or patrons would like to eat their meals and help them get situated.
  • Record amounts and types of special food items served to customers.
  • Total checks, present them to customers, and accept payment for services.
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