What does a First-Line Supervisor of Logging Worker do?

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of logging workers.

Jobs Roles

  • Monitor workers to ensure that safety regulations are followed, warning or disciplining those who violate safety regulations.
  • Plan or schedule logging operations, such as felling or bucking trees or grading, sorting, yarding, or loading logs.
  • Change logging operations or methods to eliminate unsafe conditions.
  • Monitor logging operations to identify and solve problems, improve work methods, and ensure compliance with safety, company, and government regulations.
  • Train workers in tree felling or bucking, operation of tractors or loading machines, yarding or loading techniques, or safety regulations.
  • Determine logging operation methods, crew sizes, or equipment requirements, conferring with mill, company, or forestry officials as necessary.
  • Assign to workers duties such as trees to be cut, cutting sequences and specifications, or loading of trucks, railcars, or rafts.
  • Supervise or coordinate the activities of workers engaged in logging operations or silvicultural operations.
  • Coordinate the selection and movement of logs from storage areas, according to transportation schedules or production requirements.
  • Communicate with forestry personnel regarding forest harvesting or forest management plans, procedures, or schedules.
  • Schedule work crews, equipment, or transportation for several different work locations.
  • Coordinate dismantling, moving, and setting up equipment at new work sites.
  • Prepare production or personnel time records for management.
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