What does a Fabric Mender, Except Garment do?

Repair tears, holes, and other defects in fabrics, such as draperies, linens, parachutes, and tents.

Jobs Roles

  • Measure and hem curtains, garments, and canvas coverings to size, using tape measures.
  • Operate sewing machines to restitch defective seams, sew up holes, or replace components of fabric articles.
  • Spread out articles or materials and examine them for holes, tears, worn areas, and other defects.
  • Stamp grommets into canvas, using mallets and punches or eyelet machines.
  • Trim edges of cut or torn fabric, using scissors or knives, and stitch trimmed edges together.
  • Patch holes, sew tears and ripped seams, or darn defects in items, using needles and thread or sewing machines.
  • Check repaired and repacked survival equipment to ensure that it meets specifications.
  • Sew labels and emblems onto articles for identification.
  • Repair holes by weaving thread over them, using needles.
  • Clean stains from fabric or garments, using spray guns and cleaning fluid.
  • Sew fringe, tassels, and ruffles onto drapes and curtains, and buttons and trimming onto garments.
  • Re-knit runs and replace broken threads, using latch needles.
  • Replace defective shrouds, and splice connections between shrouds and harnesses, using hand tools.
  • Pull knots to the wrong sides of garments, using hooks.
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