What does a Distance Learning Coordinator do?

Coordinate day-to-day operations of distance learning programs and schedule courses.

Jobs Roles

  • Write and submit grant applications or proposals to secure funding for distance learning programs.
  • Review distance learning content to ensure compliance with copyright, licensing, or other requirements.
  • Conduct inventories of distance learning equipment, summarizing equipment usage data.
  • Communicate technical or marketing information about distance learning via podcasts, webinars, and other technologies.
  • Train instructors and distance learning staff in the use or support of distance learning applications, such as course management software.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems with distance learning equipment or applications.
  • Supervise distance learning support staff.
  • Purchase equipment or services in accordance with distance learning plans and budget constraints.
  • Select, direct, and monitor the work of vendors that provide products or services for distance learning programs.
  • Prepare and manage distance learning program budgets.
  • Prepare reports summarizing distance learning statistical data or describing distance learning program objectives and accomplishments.
  • Negotiate with academic units or instructors and vendors to ensure cost-effective and high-quality distance learning programs, services, or courses.
  • Monitor technological developments in distance learning for technological means to educational or outreach goals.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of distance learning programs in promoting knowledge or skill acquisition.
  • Direct and support the technical operation of distance learning classrooms or equipment.
  • Develop distance learning program goals or plans, including equipment replacement, quality assurance, or course offering plans.
  • Create and maintain web sites or databases that support distance learning programs.
  • Assess distance-learning technological or educational needs and goals.
  • Communicate to faculty, students, or other users availability of, or changes to, distance learning courses or materials, programs, services, or applications.
  • Analyze data to assess distance learning program status or to inform decisions for distance learning programs.
  • Provide technical or logistical support to users of distance learning classrooms, equipment, web sites, or services.
  • Prepare and distribute schedules of distance learning resources, such as course offerings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment, and web sites.
  • Develop or provide technical resources, such as course management and videoconferencing systems, networking, and webcasting, for distance learning programs.
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