What does a Credit Checker do?

Investigate history and credit standing of individuals or business establishments applying for credit. Telephone or write to credit departments of business and service establishments to obtain information about applicant's credit standing.

Jobs Roles

  • Compile and analyze credit information gathered by investigation.
  • Obtain information about potential creditors from banks, credit bureaus, and other credit services, and provide reciprocal information if requested.
  • Interview credit applicants by telephone or in person to obtain personal and financial data needed to complete credit report.
  • Prepare reports of findings and recommendations, using typewriters or computers.
  • Contact former employers and other acquaintances to verify applicants' references, employment, health history, and social behavior.
  • Examine city directories and public records to verify residence property ownership, bankruptcies, liens, arrest record, or unpaid taxes of applicants.
  • Relay credit report information to subscribers by mail or by telephone.
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