What does a Counter Attendant, Cafeterium, Food Concession, and Coffee Shop do?

Serve food to diners at counter or from a steam table.

Jobs Roles

  • Scrub and polish counters, steam tables, and other equipment, and clean glasses, dishes, and fountain equipment.
  • Serve food, beverages, or desserts to customers in such settings as take-out counters of restaurants or lunchrooms, business or industrial establishments, hotel rooms, and cars.
  • Replenish foods at serving stations.
  • Take customers' orders and write ordered items on tickets, giving ticket stubs to customers when needed to identify filled orders.
  • Wrap menu item such as sandwiches, hot entrees, and desserts for serving or for takeout.
  • Prepare bills for food, using cash registers, calculators, or adding machines, and accept payment or make change.
  • Deliver orders to kitchens, and pick up and serve food when it is ready.
  • Serve salads, vegetables, meat, breads, and cocktails, ladle soups and sauces, portion desserts, and fill beverage cups and glasses.
  • Add relishes and garnishes to food orders, according to instructions.
  • Carve meat.
  • Order items needed to replenish supplies.
  • Set up dining areas for meals and clear them following meals.
  • Brew coffee and tea, and fill containers with requested beverages.
  • Balance receipts and payments in cash registers.
  • Arrange reservations for patrons of dining establishments.
  • Cook food or prepare food items, such as sandwiches, salads, and ice cream dishes, using standard formulas or following directions.
  • Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping, mopping, and washing dishes, to keep equipment and facilities sanitary.
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