What does a Barista do?

Prepare or serve specialty coffee or other beverages. Serve food such as baked goods or sandwiches to patrons.

Jobs Roles

  • Prepare or serve hot or cold beverages, such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees, or teas.
  • Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment.
  • Clean service or seating areas.
  • Check temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, or heating equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them.
  • Order, receive, or stock supplies or retail products.
  • Provide customers with product details, such as coffee blend or preparation descriptions.
  • Receive and process customer payments.
  • Serve prepared foods, such as muffins, biscotti, or bagels.
  • Stock customer service stations with paper products or beverage preparation items.
  • Take customer orders and convey them to other employees for preparation.
  • Take out garbage.
  • Weigh, grind, or pack coffee beans for customers.
  • Wrap, label, or date food items for sale.
  • Create signs to advertise store products or events.
  • Demonstrate the use of retail equipment, such as espresso machines.
  • Prepare or serve menu items, such as sandwiches or salads.
  • Set up or restock product displays.
  • Slice fruits, vegetables, desserts, or meats for use in food service.
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