Quality Control Manager

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Salary: 33 000
Key Duties & Responsibilities:???Cross checking the Quality of all Merchandise received against approved BPS to ensure???Must have a fair understanding on product manufacturing/construction.
???Must understand fabric and product assessment ???Received Merchandise is as per the agreed quality/ construction/standard.
???Evaluate Local Suppliers / CMT so as to ensure agreed quality/construction/standards ???Are being adhered to prior to merchandise delivery into the Distribution Centre.???Understand customer needs and requirements to develop effective quality control processes ???Compilation and submission of daily/weekly/monthly reports to Group Companies on merchandise received and Local Suppliers/CMT visited.
???To liaise with the DC Receiving team as to Supplier bookings/ selection of samples for quality check.
???To liaise with respective Company Merchandise teams as to QC failures and decisions on acceptance or rejection of merchandise.
Liaison with the Company Merchandise teams on any other QC issues as required.
???To lead and manage a QC team of QC auditors according to SOPs and within the confines of Company HR/IR policies.
???Drive and maintain the QA processes ???Responsible to the Group DC Manager for the efficient / effective management of the entire QC portfolio within the DC.
???Responsible for ensuring the approval/ rejection of arrived Purchase Orders onto the GLO system and to ensure entries are timeously performed so as to prevent backlogs on the Receiving floor.
???Responsible for ensuring reports and submissions are carried out accurately and timeously.
???Maintain relationships with Independent Inspection Houses ???Communicate AQL requirements to suppliers and ensure compliance ???Source Inspection Houses for the retailers when necessary ???Documenting all audit related process flows and keeping them updated ???Analyse orders to be delivered into various DCs to ensure adequate cover in the QCPolicy???To ensure that the QC Team cross check all Merchandise (except Cellular) is cross checked to BPS (Bulk Production Sample) prior to GRN on the GLO System.
QC Failures to be immediately communicated to the respective Merchandise Teams and to ensure resolution within 24 hours.
???To ensure that all BPS are received into the QC department 7 days prior to the arrival of the Bulk Delivery.
???To ensure that any fit comments inserted by the Merchandise team have been action correctly by the Supplier.
???To ensure that 2.5% of the AQL table units per size are initially selected by the QC Auditors for checking to BPS.
???To control and check all BPS samples received or couriered to the respective Merchandise teams.
No BPS samples to be removed from the QC office without the QC manager authorisation.
On completion of the range / season non-core samples to be returned back to Suppliers and the respective Merchandise Team.
???To ensure that a photo of Garments fitted on the Mannequin, accompanied by the AQL report are emailed to the respective Merchandise teams within 1 hour of audit commencing.
Procedures ???To cross check the daily bookings with the Receiving team and to note said bookings onto the QC Department Diary.
???To ensure that BPS samples have been received for the relevant booked POs.
If the BPS has not been received immediate contact to be made with the relevant Merchandise Team, who will confirm if the BPS has been approved and the status of the sample.
NOTE: no PO will be accepted into the DC or offloaded without an approved BPS sample being present.
???To ensure by effective allocation of audit resources that Merchandise received is immediately attended to for QC checks on completion of the offload.???To ensure all selections are random within the AQL table requirements and that no short cuts are taken in terms of sample selection.
???To ensure that if all is in order, the attending QC Auditor confirms their findings with the QC manager, and that the acceptance email is immediately sent to the respective Merchandise Team members, copy the DC Manager and Receiving team.
???To ensure that any QC failures are immediately alerted to the Receiving team / DC Manager / Merchandise Team - via email along with photographs and AQL (failed) report.
To ensure that a decision is taken within 24 hours to prevent receiving backlogs.
???To ensure that bulk approval for accepted orders is system entered to permit receiving team to proceed with the GRN.Requirements???A minimum of 10 years of quality audit experience preferably in a Retail Distribution centre environment.
???Experience of managing / Supervising a Team of QC auditors ???A Garment Technology Qualification would be advantageous but can be offset with proven experience. Read More...
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