Inventory Controller, Secunda

Last update 2024-05-25
Expires 2024-06-25
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Inventory Controller, Secunda
South Africa, Mpumalanga, Secunda,
Modified April 8, 2024


• Carefully select suppliers by researching their background and credentials.
• Negotiate fair terms for inventory agreements, including price, quality, and support.
• Secure realistic bulk discounts from suppliers.
• Maintain positive relationships with suppliers to ensure optimal service.
• Evaluate new products through quality testing and field trials.
• Keep updated records of suppliers, including delivery schedules and quality assurance.
• Address and resolve supplier problems promptly.
• Handle account queries related to price variances efficiently.
• Disclose any conflicts of interest with suppliers before making commitments.
• Obtain multiple quotes for non-food and beverage purchases as per policies.

• Obtain approval from General Manager before placing orders.
• Communicate orders to relevant suppliers for each property.
• Ensure timely receipt of all orders and follow up on outstanding ones.
• Notify General Manager of major price fluctuations on high-cost items.
• Implement and maintain a Quote Request Sheet for procurement processes.

Stock Control

• Manage and maintain inventory levels of operating equipment, maintenance, hotel supplies, including linen, room amenities, food and beverages and other items.
• Benchmark and baseline existing stock levels for all inventory items and control processes.
• Conduct regular audits to track inventory movements and prevent discrepancies
• Identify gaps and shortfalls in stock management strategy.
• Create remedial action plan to address identified issues.
• Implement and monitor stock management strategy to control costs and generate savings within budget.
• Oversee stock control procedures, equipment operation, and orders to prevent over spending and maintain optimal stock levels.
• Monitor sales, expenses, and profit goals outlined in department budgets.
• Maintain accuracy of inventory and stock management systems in a timely manner.
• Schedule, undertakes and report 10, 20 and 30 days stock takes on stock sheets and spot checks should be conducted to minimize overstocks and maximize working capital.
• Process incoming stock accurately, distribute to departments, and store appropriately.
• Process invoices in receiving system and summarises receipt daily on Daily Purchases Summary
• Requisition, dispatch, and record internal transfers accurately.
• Records wastage and breakages.
• Provide weekly stock and expense reports to the General Manager.
• Conduct supplier comparisons to ensure best value for company purchases.
• Perform rotational checks on high-value stock items and report anomalies to the General Manager.
• Review beverage menus, analyse recipes, and assign prices to menu items based on labour and overhead costs.
• Oversee the operation of POS system and Electronic Ordering Systems.
• Record sales data to identify unpopular or less profitable items quarterly.
• Write and maintain accurate procedures for inventory control processes.

• Excellent analytical skills with attention to detail, excellent hygiene principles.
• Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), practicing honest communication.
• Team player with positive attitude, enthusiasm, and emotional control.
• Excellent time management and self-discipline, interpersonal & problem-solving skills.
• Proactive, use initiative and creative flair when required.
• Committed and loyal, adaptable, and flexible.
• Must work accurately under pressure.
• People skills tolerance, patience, and care.
• Leadership skills with passion for development and skills transfer
• Organizational and logistics skills

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Occupation: Inventory controller

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