Draughtsman, Babelegi

Last update 2024-05-25
Expires 2024-06-25
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Draughtsman, Babelegi
South Africa, Gauteng, Babelegi,
Modified May 7, 2024


Qualifications & Experience:
● Proven experience as a Draughtsman in a manufacturing environment, preferably in telecommunications or lighting industries.
● Proficiency in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software (e.g., Auto CAD, Solid Works) and Product Data Management (PDM) systems.
● Strong attention to detail and ability to ensure accuracy in work.
● Understanding of engineering principles, manufacturing processes, and material properties.
● Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
● Knowledge of BOM creation and management is advantageous.
● Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Drafting, or a related field is beneficial.
Primary Responsibilities:
Drawing Creation and Coordination:
● Prepare accurate assembly and manufacturing drawings in alignment with engineering specifications and client requirements.
● Collaborate with colleagues to design and detail steel products and systems, resolving any design issues through effective communication and creative problem-solving.
● Maintain clear, detailed drawings that facilitate seamless production processes. Quality Assurance and Technical Consultation:
● Conduct thorough reviews of drawings to ensure accuracy and compliance with manufacturing standards and specifications.
● Work closely with technical managers and the engineering department to gain approval for designs and address complex technical challenges.
● Ensure accurate representation of modifications to existing products and components, coordinating with relevant departments for approvals.
Standardization and Design Improvement:
● Collaborate with fellow draughtsmen to standardize design elements, promoting consistency and efficiency across projects.
● Gather insights from the production team to continually improve designs for cost-effective manufacturing.
● Participate in design reviews to propose modifications that enhance production efficiency and product quality.
Document and Drawing Management:
● Maintain organized electronic drawing files and directories, ensuring proper version control and access management.
● Apply standardized drawing numbering systems to ensure consistent identification of drawings.
● Manage drawing office records and maintain the drawings register.
Bill of Materials (BOM) Management:
● Assist in creating accurate Bills of Materials (BOMs), documenting materials and components as required.
● Monitor production processes to ensure alignment with drawing specifications, collaborating with production supervisors to address discrepancies.
CNC Profile Creation:
● Contribute to the manufacturing process by assisting in the creation of CNC profiles for various machines, ensuring precision and accuracy.
Continuous Learning and Self-Development:
● Proactively engage in self-development activities to enhance drawing capabilities and efficiency.
● Stay updated on the latest software applications and improvements relevant to the field.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Occupation: Draughtsman

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