Customer Care Accounts Manager, City Of Cape Town

South Africa, Western Cape, City Of Cape Town
Last update 2024-05-25
Expires 2024-06-25
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Customer Care Accounts Manager, City Of Cape Town
South Africa, Western Cape, City Of Cape Town,
Modified April 22, 2024


1. Role Overview
As a Customer Care Account Manager, you play a pivotal role in ensuring the satisfaction and success of our valued clients. Your primary responsibility is to serve as the main point of contact for assigned accounts, building strong relationships and delivering exceptional customer service. You will work closely with various internal teams to address client needs, resolve issues, and drive strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing customer experience and maximizing account value.

2. Personality Profile for a Customer Care Account Manager (CCAM) at Ello Technology
A Customer Care Account Manager (CCAM) at Ello Technology embodies a unique blend of interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, and customer-focused drive. Here’s a detailed description of the personality traits that define an exceptional CCAM:
Empathetic and Customer-Centric
A standout CCAM possesses a deep empathy for customers, understanding their needs, challenges, and aspirations. This empathy drives every interaction, enabling the CCAM to build strong, trust-based relationships with clients. They prioritize the customer’s experience and satisfaction above all, striving to exceed expectations and deliver value at every touchpoint.
Strategic Thinker
The CCAM is not just a problem solver but a strategic thinker who looks beyond the immediate needs to understand the broader business objectives of their clients. They are adept at identifying opportunities that align with the customer’s long-term goals, suggesting solutions and services that can drive their success.
Excellent Communicator
Communication is key for a CCAM. They articulate ideas clearly, listen actively, and can adjust their communication style to match the audience. Whether it’s simplifying complex technical details or negotiating contracts, they do so with clarity and confidence, ensuring all parties are aligned and informed.

Proactive and Anticipatory
An effective CCAM anticipates customer needs and potential challenges before they arise. They are proactive in their approach, ensuring that solutions are in place to prevent issues and that opportunities for improvement are seized. This foresight contributes to smoother operations and a better customer experience.

Adaptable and Resilient
The dynamic nature of technology and customer needs requires a CCAM to be highly adaptable and resilient. They thrive in fast-paced environments, readily embracing change and navigating uncertainties with a positive, can-do attitude. This resilience enables them to tackle challenges head-on and adapt strategies as needed to meet evolving customer demands.
Collaborative Team Player
While the CCAM role is highly customer-focused, it also demands effective collaboration with internal teams. They are a bridge between the customer and the technical teams, ensuring alignment and facilitating seamless service delivery. A CCAM values diverse perspectives, works well in team settings, and fosters an environment of mutual support and respect.
Committed to Continuous Learning
The technology landscape is ever-evolving, and a successful CCAM is committed to continuous learning and development. They stay updated on industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices in customer service. This commitment to knowledge and growth ensures they can always offer the most relevant and effective solutions to their clients.

Integrity and Professionalism
Above all, a CCAM conducts themselves with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. They are honest, transparent, and ethical in all dealings, both with customers and within the organization. This integrity builds trust and credibility, forming the foundation of lasting customer relationships.
This personality profile outlines the ideal attributes of a Customer Care Account Manager at Ello Technology, emphasizing the blend of soft skills, strategic acumen, and technical understanding crucial for the role.
3. Executive Summary
This document outlines the updated commission structure for Technical Account Managers (TAMs) and their Team, who are fundamental to maintaining and expanding our client relationships at our company. It is designed to incentivize TAMs to lead their team in both safeguarding our Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and identifying new revenue opportunities through strategic account growth and one-time sales.
4. Role Definition
- Technical Account Managers and their teams are crucial to our company's ongoing success and stability, with responsibilities including:
- Sustaining high customer retention rates.
- Identifying and driving revenue growth within the existing client base through upselling and cross-selling.
- Securing one-time sales opportunities that align with our service offerings.
- Collaborating with Customer Care to ensure a seamless client experience.
4. KPI
1. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score:
- CSAT directly impacts customer retention and commissions. High CSAT scores indicate satisfied customers who are more likely to renew contracts, contributing to the commission through retained MRR.
- KPI Target: Maintain a CSAT score of 95% or higher to ensure customer satisfaction and maximise commission potential.
2. Retention Rate:
- A high retention rate is essential for maintaining and growing MRR, which directly impacts commissions.
- KPI Target: Achieve a customer retention rate of 95% or higher to sustain MRR and commission earnings.
3. MRR Account growth, cross-selling, and upselling are vital components of our revenue generation strategy. By expanding our relationships with existing clients and leveraging additional opportunities within their accounts, we can drive significant increases in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and commission earnings.
- Account growth contributes to increased MRR, which enhances commissions, especially in Tier 3 and Tier 4 of the commission structure.
- KPI Target: Achieve a minimum total revenue gross profit (GP) of the annual account growth rate of 30% to maximize MRR and commission potential.
- Successful cross-selling and upselling efforts lead to increased MRR, directly impacting commissions, especially through Tier 4 of the commission structure.
- Booster Target: Achieving a minimum of 40% increase in revenue through MRR account growth activities boosts commission earnings with higher commission payouts.
5. Resolution Time:
- Timely response and resolution enhance customer satisfaction and retention, indirectly impacting commissions.
- KPI Target: Maintain within a minimum of a 95% resolution time frame and above ensuring all assigned tasks are completed in the required time frame ensure high CSAT scores and retention rates.
6. Feedback and Action Plans:
- Customer feedback informs improvement initiatives that can lead to higher CSAT scores and retention rates, thus influencing TAM commissions.
- KPI Target: Implement action plans based on customer feedback within 30 days to enhance satisfaction and retention, ultimately impacting commissions.
7. Training and Development:
- Continuous learning improves TAM performance, leading to better customer outcomes and potentially higher commissions.
- KPI Target: Complete a minimum of two relevant training programs or certifications per year to enhance skills and performance.
8. Account Documentation and Reporting:
- Accurate documentation and reporting facilitate transparency and trust with customers, enhancing satisfaction and retention, thereby impacting TAM commissions.
- KPI Target: Submit comprehensive account reports to management on a monthly basis to ensure accountability and customer satisfaction.
9. Customer Advocacy:
- Building strong relationships and advocating for customers can lead to higher retention rates and increased referrals, ultimately impacting commissions.
- KPI Target: Achieve a minimum Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 8 from assigned accounts to demonstrate customer advocacy and satisfaction.
10. Escalation Management:
- Effective resolution of escalated issues mitigates customer churn and strengthens relationships, indirectly influencing commissions.
- KPI Target: Resolve escalated issues within agreed-upon timelines and with a satisfactory outcome for the customer to maintain satisfaction and retention.
By aligning KPIs with the TAM commission structure, the company ensures that performance metrics drive behaviors that lead to both short-term and long-term success, benefiting both the TAM and the organisation as a whole.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Occupation: Customer care accounts manager

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